I painted this image in 2009 and I named it ‘Blue Whispers of Truth’. I was near the end of my first series “ The Goddess Chakra Series and at the time had little knowing of how powerful working with the energy centers in the body could be for myself and others, nor how successful this series of images would become. I moved on from there to teach about chakra healing and how each chakra center had its own story, its own wisdom and lesson and its own path to healing. In my classes I would talk about the 5th chakra, the throat center, as the area where one accesses the truth in ones heart and expresses it. Truth doesn’t come from the mind, it doesn’t even come from the gut, or even intuition. It actually comes from the heart space and is felt as truth in the form of emotion. Whether it be a good feeling emotion or not so good, that indelible feeling that only the heart can feel, is our GPS guidance system to all that is true to us personally.

The truth of the heart is different to the fear of the mind. Fear of the mind is based on our past experiences and holds no weight in the present unless we decide to give it more power than it deserves. Truth of the heart however is indisputable and clear. When one feels love with another, it is indisputable. When one feels sadness or

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