February 7th-March 28th 2017

From the comfort of your own home, this 7 week online teleclass will take you on a journey through the beautiful wisdom and guidance of the 13 Sacred Feminine Archetypes in my Sacred Feminine series. You will learn a new way to respect honor and love yourselves, so that you can feel more complete and raise your vibration to that which truly reflects the beauty and light that your soul is. Learn the true messages of Guinevere, The Magdalene, Brighid, Isis, Mother Mary, Jeanne D’arc, Miriam, Guan Yin, Morgan le Fey, Artemis, Kali, Inanna and Grandmother Spider.

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CHAKRA WORKSHOP AND MEDITATION © Jo Jayson 2014  2-3 hours

In this workshop I will teach you about each of the 7 main chakras in your body and explain what can manifest physically and emotionally if these energy centers are blocked , dysfunctional or unbalanced. Using creative visualization, color and intention, at the end of the discussion, I will take you through a guided 20 minute meditation, showing you how to quickly align, bring your intention and thought to a place that can control and balance these centers within us. This is a basic chakra workshop for those who have little or some knowledge of the chakras. I will have my chakra meditation kits and other products available for sale at the end of the workshop

THE SACRED FEMININE & THE GODDESS © Jo Jayson 2014  1.5-2 hours

Who is the Goddess?….what is the entity or energy we call the Divine Feminine?…who are her archetypes and how can we embrace her to add healing, empowerment and beauty into our lives? This workshop delves into the source of the energy from which I work from and for. The word Goddess, is used frequently and sometimes inaccurately. We will discuss the origins of the Goddess and I will introduce you to her many faces and personalities, ones that I have painted, and others that you may or may not have heard of. There will be a meditation at the end of this workshop to invoke this Sacred Feminine energy and to align with it and embrace her into our bodies and minds and lives.


In this class you will learn what Self love really is…..what the Sacred Feminine has to teach you about achieving it and how to bequeath that love to yourself . So that you can achieve this ultimate healing and reach a place of completeness in and of yourselves, we will discuss themes such as self respect, self worth, courage and faith, intuitive wisdom, compassion and forgiveness, and embracing your own power and ability to co create. This workshop will give you tools to learn how to love yourself unconditionally so that you no longer reach outside of yourself to feel complete, and you shift your vibration and frequency to the one that only attracts the highest in return. A meditation will be given towards the end of the workshop.