Inspire | Heal | Empower

Painting for me is like breathing… In the act of painting and capturing an emotive expression on to the canvas, I’m able to be fully and completely myself, feeling safe to express what is truly in my heart.

The Divine Feminine, the ethereal sacred energy we call the Goddess, has embraced and fascinated me for many years now and is an energy of such beauty, nurture and healing that once experienced will never leave you. This feminine aspect of the Divine has many faces; she moves, walks and breathes through us all – men and women alike. She is the act of creation, the earth where we dwell and the heavenly moon we gaze upon.

She sings the rhythms of nature, calms us with her oceans and waters and nurtures us with her fertile soil. She embodies wisdom and compassion, internal power and inspiring strength. For so long the divine and the sacred have been represented in the male form and we have forgotten his most beloved counterpart. We have forsaken the ancient bond, reverence and love for the Divine Feminine.

My intention with the paintings, the products and the workshops, is to touch you with the hand of inspiration, healing and empowerment… that you may be called to embrace this beautiful energy, dance its dance…or simply to see it reflected within yourselves.

I welcome you to my website, gallery and store.