indigofaceWords from some of my lovely clients

“Jo Jayson, an incredible teacher and guide, bringing her great gifts of intuition and insight together with her powerful “collective wisdom circle”. I find Jo’s readings and intuitive art, offer important information, bringing it into personal view, allowing me to better understand my purpose and potential” GMK Orcas Island

“The reading I had with Jo was so incredibly relevant, spot on and eerily correct in every way that I remember being shocked and emotionally moved by the surprise of it. I never expected those that came through but their messages through Jo were uncannily perfect for me. The reading totally helped me shift and change my perspective. Love Jo and all that she does for the world” LS Massachusetts

“Jo’s profound readings are an experience of deeply connecting to the guides on the other side of the veil. All valuable information and suggestions from Jo were either spot on or have proven to have a significance & positive effect on my life. My reading & her intuitive insights have continued to unfold, guiding me in my dreams, in synchronicity & numerous “aha” moments!. I am deeply grateful for the connection Jo brings as a walker between the worlds of Spirit & the mundane”  FT Orcas Island.

“I had a 20 minute reading with Jo in a show last year and I was truly moved by the messages that came through for me.  She mentioned gifts of mine that I had been hiding and fearing and gave me the courage to own them and move towards the next chapter in my life” Patty D. PA

“Loved my reading with Jo. I had 3 guides that came through that gave me wonderful and inspiring messages to take the next step in my career and soul purpose. Many things Jo said where spot on and she touched on deep and private issues in my life that needed healing. Forever grateful and adore your work” Ken L. PA

My readings are in essence a soul guidance reading. The messages I receive tend not to focus on the minute details of your life but focus more on the bigger picture and your direction and path. They will go to the heart of the issue and where you may be tripping yourself up , what you need to heal or embrace, or what you need to do to become more of an expression of your highest potential.

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