A Sunday thought…
I was thinking today about how so many right now are so stressed with anxiety and fear, surrounded by the toxicity of hate rearing its head amidst our own communities and villages, and in our country at large. Our despair of the uncertainity with the virus coupled with intense and real fear of what this historic and momentous US election may bring…. I see people rattled with anxiety of impending doom and yet feeling and fearing a beautiful hope in the same moment.
I say, that on this rainy slow Sunday, we take some time to breathe……rest and dream. For it is not in our crazed work or in our angst, that dreams come true. Instead it is in the power of our thoughts and visions and actions. This is how we raise a vibration, this is how we dream a dream into being. This is the right way to pray. There is a new beginning being birthed right now, I’ve written about it so many times over the last 5 years. Its messy and its chaotic and its painful…..but its being birthed because of our collective desire for change, peace and harmony. Its coming, but our fear can make it more painful….
I say today we take a pause, be gentle with ourselves and others, focus on that which is beautiful and light, connect with that which brings you harmony and peace and allow that to carry you to a calmer place of trust……..All is meant, and all will be resolved for the best and highest for all of us. Thats the real truth. Here on the ground we can lose sight of what is really happening but the truth is in the higher realms. Imagine if we all did this, on this quiet Sunday…….what beautiful harmony we would create just by our focus.
Happy Sunday everyone

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