With thanks to all those who expressed encouragement and support of the work I do…blessed to have you in my life.

‘Jo Jayson, this lovely lady is not only a talented artist, but the vessel that carries a special ability. She communicates and expresses the message of the goddess to the women of today, who are meant to bring it forth in full manifestation. You cant not look at the paintings of these goddesses without feeling your own goddess energy, so just to enjoy her art is to have an awakening. She has also brought forth some very helpful tools in her chakra cards and the instructions on how to best make use of them. If you are lucky enough to attend one of her workshops, I congratulate you , for your own goddess has sought to draw you to this amazing teacher in order to unlock your potential. Putting it simply, i would say Jo Jayson is a gift to the Divine Feminine in all of us, whether you are in a male or female body. Jo is one of the gifted artists and teachers of our time’ ~ Mary Pompeo D.D, M.A,  Nationally Acclaimed Spriitual Teacher and Medium N. Carolina

‘I was a presenter at the recent Whole Life Expo in Chicago…and as good fortune had it , my vendor table was right across the aisle from Jo Jayson’s. I was immediately mesmerized by her work. As she was setting it up, I watched the gorgeous goddesses, priestesses and mystical women appear one by one, until vivid color, exquisite beauty, gentle energy and exciting new vibrations started spilling out from both Jo Jayson and her art work. I was delighted to meet this amazing artist who resonated with my soul!. At last, the Divine Feminine was expressed in such a powerful and evocative way, it made my heart sing.!! I Immediately fell in love with her creative chakra series and bought all of her ‘seven sisters’ for my healing center. I couldn’t resist her depiction of Mother Mary either. Jo Jayson is a joy to know and we are thrilled to have her art and heart surrounding us every day’. ~ Linda Linker Rosenthal, author of ‘The Seven Chakra Sisters” Hamptons Road Publishing 2013

Jo has stepped into her divine calling using paintbrush as tool and canvas as her modality. Spiritually moving, she inspires the beauty within oneself reminding us to connect, appreciate and honor our very own divine feminine with her chakra series. Indeed the masterful artistry of her Sacred Feminine series has been channeled; divinely inspired, uniquely portraying beloved, courageous women throughout history. She has answered a calling, inspired, humbled and in awe as they appear to her, these beautiful, powerful energies are coming through her, guiding her hand, instructing her heart. This is just the beginning of what I know we will see from this artist and emerging spiritual teacher. It is an honor to know and work with her. Jo Jayson Visionary Artist and Teacher, channeling the Sacred Goddess through brush and canvas. ~ Theresa M Fernandes, Empath, Intuitive, Entrepreneur ~ The Crooked Halo

‘I have Jo Jayson’s amazing print of ‘Orange Seeds’ framed on my wall and I love it. When i look at it it fills me with energy and reminds me to look toward what I want to create in my life and to be joyful. The Goddess Chakra kit is beautiful, and beautfully packaged. I love to flip through the cards, taking inspiration from the amazing goddess artwork and the empowering messages written on the back of the cards.’ ~ Suzi Brucker Heiney co-owner of Deva Designs in Arizona

‘I have been following Jo on Facebook since meeting her at a show 3 years ago. I love her work and was thrilled when she posted a picture of her just finished original of Brighid. I showed the picture of the new piece to my husband and said that I would love to get a print of the piece. He said he would love to buy the original for me if I liked it so much. I was thrilled but even more so when it arrived and we  hung it in our home. It is a beautiful piece and makes me smile each time I see it. For me the most important part of Jo’s work is the energy she brings to her paintings that so expresses the Divine Feminine. To have this energy in my home has been an amazing blessing’. ~ Micki Baumann Founder/owner of Deva Designs Arizona.

‘From the first time i saw Jo’s artwork, I was struck by how much ‘life’ there was in the beautiful images, espeically the chakra paintings. It was as if I could hear them speaking to me – and then there was Brighid. My friend and I both felt ‘her’ coming off the canvas towards us and embracing us with loving empowerment. All of the art is beautiful and invites you to a deeper place within your own heart. I have used the chakra cards in our healing meditation groups and people love the message and are quite captivated by the images. Jo led two workshops for our group and the participants loved her teachings and wisdom. Jo is truly a gifted channel of Spirit and an amazing artist whose art can uplift and inspire your personal journey.’ ~ Rev. Robin V Schwoyer, owner of HeArts Wellness Inc – Hearts for Autisim, Happy HeArts Yoga LLC and Liora Abundant Life Mission PA

‘I am the very proud owner of two fantastically beautiful original paintings by Jo Jayson. One is of the Magdalene and the other, of Isis. The quality of the work with multi mediums creates stunning dimension to her work, as does her signature butterflies, brilliantly incorporated into her work. The energy that she calls forth in creating her pieces are felt immediately and it is very clear that energy of the subjects she paints shines through in quite magical ways. I can say without doubt that having these two beautiful and powerful women on the walls of my bedroom has brought extraordinary experiences in to my life. I love Jo’s work, I always have an eye out for her next creation. If it speaks to my soul, I will buy additional works from her’. Peggy H in N.Carolina

‘Jo Jayson’s inspiration of the goddess truly transpires the observer. Not only are her pieces true labors of love, they hold many layers to be discovered. Her prints are beautiful, captivating and real. I have several of her goddess images which I use on my altar for personal use. So much of what Jo does is help translate the goddess experience through sight and smell, as evidenced in her oil blends. Immediately I was transported when sampling the Isis oil. It was a must have and I use it for my professional practice.’ ~ MM in Ohio

‘I have been fortunate to behold two of Jo’s original pieces. Being face to canvas was heart opening as the details and layers of mixed media come to life. In her larger prints I found the detail to be still present. The Chakra series is equally sensual and vivid, each piece a mystery of truth. Blessed to have her Heart Chakra print as it is one of my favorite and several of my students found her chakra meditatio kits a must have for daily practice. Her work is important, meaningful, relevant and gorgeous’ ~ Audrey A. in Cleveland

Jo Jayson’s art is a reflection of the soul. Her chakra paintings spoke to something deep inside of me. The colors, textures and expressions of the women personifying each energy point, bring to life the aspects of each chakra. Jo doesnt just create art, she lives it. It is apparent in every brush stroke, each carefully placed gold leaf, flower and jewel that this is a creation from her heart ~ O.Peabody in Atlanta