The Sacred Dance

24″ x 48″ oil and gold leaf on canvas
© Jo Jayson 2017

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The Sacred Dance is performed within and under the grace and blessing of the Divine. A dance of equality respect and trust. Each step in time with the rhythm of the heart beat of love and each move choreographed by the deep desire to love and care for the other. Both the masculine and the feminine within each dance partner is graced with times to surrender and fall into the arms of the other and in their next moves allowed to pull their beloved up, hold them with the strength and conviction of their love, and elevate them both to greater heights. The Sacred Dance paces through the melody of the heart connection, allowing for the spark of the Divine to illuminate and caress the spaces in between each soul in this rhythmic union. The dance brings many gifts, but its ultimate purpose is to bring to light and awareness, each soul’s own deep, embedded sacred seed of divinity…… © Jo Jayson