A Guide To Self-Love Through The Paintings & Channelings of Jo Jayson




Award-Winning book – Self-published edition – Finalist of 2017 Covr Visionary Book Award and Winner of Peoples Choice Award

(Personal Development/Self-Help Category)

Jo Jayson’s extraordinary thirteen paintings of Sacred Feminine archetypes, prophetesses and women of strength, herald the way to a unique path back towards self-love.

In ‘Self-Love Through the Sacred Feminine’, Jo Jayson gives these thirteen Sacred Feminine energies and archetypes a voice, explaining through prayers, meditations, and healing lessons, how to reconnect back with our own soul, tap into our own innate wisdom and navigate our way through life challenges helping us understand that as women, we are the expressions and reflections of the Sacred Feminine, and that our souls are ‘cups full of Source’™.

Learn to love yourself unconditionally, become empowered, access courage, forgive, embody the Sacred Feminine and weave the web of your life. Now is the time to identify and use your own magical wisdom and the intentions of your heart, guided by the Sacred Feminine within you .

Paintings and channeled wisdom of archetypes Guinevere, the Magdalene, Brighid of Ireland, Isis, Mary the Mother, Jeanne d’Arc, Miriam, Guan Yin, Morgan le Fey, Artemis, Kali Ma, Inanna, and Grandmother Spider.

What people are saying:

“ Her exquisite paintings, channeled wisdom, and personal reflections transmit an extraordinary energy of thirteen Sacred Feminine archetypes who each have a unique guiding message of self-empowerment and self-love for every woman. The timing is divinely perfect for this book to bring balance back to ourselves and the world. If you’ve ever felt out of harmony with yourself and your surroundings, this is the book to help you regain balance and finally find self-love as the Divine Goddess that you are! As you embrace the beauty and embody the wisdom of thirteen Sacred Feminine archetypes exquisitely channeled by (artist) Jo Jayson, you will receive each of their unique messages guiding you to live from the highest perspective of authentic love.”
Linda Linker Rosenthal
Author, The Seven Chakra Sisters: Make Friends with the Inner Allies Who Keep You Healthy, Laughing, Loving, and Wise

“With her beautiful art and inspiring text, Jo Jayson’s book practically sizzles with deep feminine fire illuminating the path to self-love. A must read for women of all ages!”
Cathleen O’Connor, PhD
Author, 365 Days of Angel Prayers

“Jo Jayson’s ‘Self-Love Through the Sacred Feminine’ is a beautiful and sacred work of art. It presents to the reader an opportunity to get in touch with her own Sacred Feminine as well as the Sacred Feminine from which she is a descendant. Jo is such a gifted artist—her paintings of the Goddesses will swell your heart and bring soothing to your Soul. Connecting to each Goddess’ energy gives you the opportunity to reconnect to the Goddess within. Jo also has an aligned understanding of the healing of the masculine and feminine that is imperative for the evolution of the collective consciousness. So grab a cup of hot tea and settle in with this gorgeous work of art that will open you further into the Sacred Feminine that you Divinely are.”
Heather Kristian Strang
Author, A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living and The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic