Monday May 9th 2022 7-8.15pm Est.

Join me on this coming Monday,  after a week of shocking news regarding Women’s abortion rights, the Supreme Court and the state of this country into the second half of this year. This is for all of you who are angry, distraught, and feeling despair at this weeks news in the US. ….Back a few years now I talked about how we had been in “The Time of Kali” and that I had been predicting this time since I painted Kali Ma back in 2015. I wrote blogs about it in 2017 and again in 2020. I gave an online discussion at the beginning of 2021 about how the seeds of a new beginning were being sown.
It would take time, but for the US in particular, as leader of the world, there would be a very big, and messy clean up upon us. The rest of the world would follow. Because of this weeks news, which I saw as a potential last summer, the majority of women in this country are horrified, appalled and frightened. The men that love these women feel the same. I will be giving a talk on this new stage of the Time of Kali, and where we are in it, how there is a huge shift upon us very soon and how the people truly are meant to realize in this time, that they hold all the power. We are in shifting times, and the seeds sown are beginning to grow , but the clean up is not finished. I hope you will join me so that I can share my intuitive insights, and you can share your fears and thoughts with an end to feeling a lot more empowered by the end of the discussion. 
The Time of Kali Part 4″ on Monday 9th May  7.00-8.15pm. 
Zoom gathering

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SELF-LOVE THROUGH THE SACRED FEMININE – A 13 week course back to self-love

FALL 2022 dates to be announced – Tuesday Evenings  7.30-9pm Est

Co-hosted with Jo Jayson, Internationally loved Intuitive Artist, Teacher and Author of  the award winning book “Self-Love through The Sacred Feminine” and best selling Sacred Feminine Oracle Deck, and Gretchen Krampf, Community leader, seasoned facilitator & certified Life Design Coach with 35 years experience designing and delivering impactful programs and retreats , podcasts and circles focusing frequently on the Feminine Emergence. 

From the comfort of your own home, this 13-week online zoom course, will take you on a journey through the beautiful wisdom and guidance of the 13 Sacred Feminine Archetypes in Jo Jayson’s award-winning book “Self-Love Through The Sacred Feminine “. Through Jo’s paintings and received intuitive wisdom, you will learn a new way to access and attain self-love , so that you can feel a completeness and wholeness that will raise your vibration to that which truly reflects the truth of who you are. Through this journey, you will heal old wounds, let go of old stories and experiences and fortify yourself with a new  compassionate empowerment that will radiate your own soul’s feminine wisdom. Self-love is required to live an authentic life. Learn to love yourself unconditionally, access courage, forgive, embody your sacred feminine and weave the web of your own life.

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THE NEW BEGINNING – AFTER THE STORM – In the Time of Kali Part 3.

Thursday January 21st 2021 – 8-9.30pm EST. Teleclass on phone (no video)

I have been talking about “In the Time of Kali” in 2017 and my subsequent blog in March 2020 “Transitioning from the ending to a new beginning with Kali Ma” , the movement towards a new beginning. We are finally here. A new day is dawned and a new way is upon us. I talked much about the ending, in the form of an energetic and in some cases, physical storm that would destroy and end an old paradigm of being and a new paradigm would be birthed. Finally as we enter into the threshold of 2021, we are witnessing the seeds of the new beginning. Join me for part 3 of this conversation In the Time of Kali  and how we have successfully moved through the storm into this time of clean up and renewal. There will be a meditation the last 30 mins of this discussion to firmly open us up and align with this new beautiful beginning.

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Wednesday June 24th  2020 8-9.30pm EST. Teleclass on phone (no video)

In all times and especially now, its so important to be able to sit in hope rather than doubt and worry. Sometimes hope  is hard to muster especially when we see so much around us in flux and difficulty. Hope  can be like a shelter or refuge from the storm, Where as,  its opposite , doubt and worry can cause  us to feel helpless and out of control. 

Join me for a talk on Miriam The Prophetess, the female figure in the story of the Exodus and learn her  lesson on how to choose hope and access joy even in the midst of unsettling times and uncertain circumstances.  

There will be a 20 minute meditation towards the end of the class.

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Throughout our life we learn, pick up and cloth ourselves in others beliefs, fears and patterns.  I call these , “False Energetic Clothes”  and there is an enormous amount of us out there in this world walking around in these energetic clothes that don’t belong to us. At some point along the path of our lives, we will be faced with a mirror, where life forces us to look at ourselves with honest eyes and a compassionate heart. It is then that life calls on us to shed those borrowed clothes, face who we really are, undressed and naked in our own truths, and begin to clothe ourselves again in a new and authentic way.

Please join me in the lesson of Inanna, the ancient Sumerian Goddess whose mythological story tells of her descent into the underworld and her subsequent stages of disrobing the self, to then be born again into the Star of Heaven and Earth. We will discuss the history and story of Inanna. and how it pertains to the psyche of the human condition, and its deep truths and wisdom to help us move through old patterns and beliefs so we can live a life that is grounded in honesty and authenticity . 

There will be a 15 minute meditation to finish off the class

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All of us at some point in our lives will be faced with having to forgive another or ourselves.  Inevitably we will have been hurt by anothers actions or words and some wounds will present themselves deeper than others. Carrying resentment and grudges can cost us our happiness and our health, it can be a block to freedom that we need to live a life of joy. For many forgiveness comes organically overtime…..but for others forgiveness is inconceivable and something that feels unattainable. The wound can hurt so deeply.  Forgiving ourselves for our past mistakes and decisions may also be something we just cannot embrace and this can internalize damaging worthlessness and self loathing energy within us which will stain every relationship and aspect of our lives. 

Quan Yin is the Mother of Mercy and Compassion. Join me on this tele class to learn about her unique message of forgiveness and how it can free you of the chains of resentment and energetically free others to evolve and move forward in a new way.

There will be a 15 minute meditation to finish off the class

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Tuesday April 7th 2020 8-9.30pm Est.

Join me on this special evening to learn about what I have spoken and written about many times over the past 3 years. This is the time of Kali, a time when we are  experiencing great shifts, major endings and the birth of a new beginning. With that brings much chaos and destruction, fear and change.  In this gathering I will explain the energy of what and who we call Kali- Ma – The Dark Mother and how this potent creative force has been churning things up for a while now, creating havoc and uncertainty.

On this Super Full Moon, I invite you to come together with me and gather in a virtual circle , on the phone (no zoom) and be part of a discussion and collective healing that will help us use this special time to not only navigate through these uncertain waters…but will call us to offer healing and compassion to ourselves and those around us, so that we can create a ripple of love that vibrates out to all who need it.

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Monday April 13th  2020 – 8-9.30pm Est.

During this time of the Covid19 Virus crisis, a lot of fear is coming up for people, that may have nothing to do with the worry of the virus, but is presenting itself as stuff within us that is yet resolved . Right now we are all being given time to go within, to be quiet with ourselves and  to clear out a lot of fears and blocks that are holding us back from reaching a higher vibration and our highest potential.

All of us have experienced fear in one degree or another. This is not the flight or fright kind of fear but the often crippling and damaging fear that comes from the lies of the mind that can keep us from pursuing our goals, finding joy and contentment and living our full potential.

In this teleclass, you will learn: –
* to find the roots of your fear
* where fear sits in our bodies
* to ride the wave of fear without resistance and move into a state of freedom
* A simple practice to diminish the strength of fear
* How our fear can be our most important and profound teacher
* How breaking the hold of fear can be our ultimate empowerment

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Thursday January 31st 8-10pm Est

Join me in learning and celebrating the ancient Gaelic Celtic festival of Imbolc which marks the beginning of spring and is represented by the Ancient Irish Goddess Brighid. This festival is also recognized as St Brigits day and in a Christian form, as Candlemass . These festivals, all falling on February 1st, are sacred days where the light is celebrated in its return, after months of darkness. With this light comes a rebirth, a new beginning and a fresh season. A new cycle.
As well as discussing the origins and rituals of Imbolc, we will also discuss in some depth, the beautiful Sacred Feminine energy of the Goddess Brighid, her realms, her blessings and rituals and her lesson, which is one of the chapters in my book “Self-Love through the Sacred Feminine” . Brighid’s lesson is about learning to flow through the cycles of change in ones life and how to move through these changes with grace and gratitude.
We will have a short blessing and mediation at the end of the call and suggestions will be made for your own acknowledgement of this beautiful ancient festival and how it may bless your year to come.

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2019 dates to be announced.*

Whether you know already have knowledge of the energy centers in your body (chakras) or you are just starting off on your journey in this discovery, this 7 week course will give you the opportunity to start a practice of self awareness, self healing and self alignment from the comfort of your own home.

Chakras are energy centers in our body…we have thousands, but for the purpose of this course and this practice, we will be focusing on the main 7 chakras from the root to the crown.

If you would like to feel:-

* an increased self awareness of the connection between your thoughts, your emotions and your physical reality
* a better sense of self control and self mastery in every moment
* an increased sense of balance and alignment, and feeling of wellness
* a feeling more secure and stable,
* more sensual and creative,
* more self confident and powerful,
* more heart centered and open hearted
* more in touch with your own truth and the courage to express it
* opening up your intuition and perception
* more connected spiritually and living in trust and faith

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