There are many a post or meme about the importance of Gratitude. Its a buzz word in the holistic, spiritual and psychological road to contentment, peace and wellness. Most people have felt it, showed and practiced it at some time and some may practice it sporadically here and there. Few however practice it regularly so that it becomes a daily exercise like cleaning their teeth and washing their face.

If you have never believed in magic, then you need to try a little sprinkle of gratitude. For me, practicing gratitude as much as possible has always proven, without doubt, to bring a little bit of magic to ones life.

The premise is simple. We think and then we feel the emotion/feeling of gratitude and appreciation for something in our life. In turn the universe, made up of only energy and vibration, receives YOUR vibration of gratitude, and returns it in like. As many have heard before, the more you have to be grateful for, the more things to be grateful for, come your way. But thats not it’s only magic. The other magical gift gratitude offers, for free, is to provide a beautiful contentment that settles into the bones and becomes a vibration that you wear for the days ahead. The more you practice, the more the vibration of contentment vibes a little brighter. The more you practice the more the feeling of having and being enough sits within you.

Now its very easy to be grateful for the big things. We can all feel grateful for our family, our children, our partners and pets. It’s easy to feel grateful for the vacation coming up or the nice new car we just bought. The trick is to find gratitude for the very small things in each moment that we can often overlook and find insignificant. For example, right now I’m finding gratitude for the one small flower left on a dying plant on my terrace  or the bottle of Pelligrino I’m drinking as I type this, or the red cardnial I saw this morning outside my window, and even the comfy desk chair I’m sitting on that I bought two years ago and still love.

From the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep, we can find things to be grateful for as we move through our day, even the ripe tomato you may eat at lunch or the lovely person that let you pass them in the traffic on the way to work.

The next step to amplify this practice is to write down these little moments of appreciation, and put them somewhere special. Some people have gratitude journals and others have gratitude jars, that they fill each day with little notes of gratitude for this and that.  For many a year I have kept a gratitude jar and each new years day, I loved looking back at my jar filled with little notes of joy that I had experienced the year just passed. Of late I have forgotten to fill it. In fact its been 6 months since I did. Im glad I remembered to start again with a new jar, and share this practice with you now, especially in these trying times.

Our lives are made up of webs and threads of how we think and feel. Our thoughts and feelings create our reality. If we live a life where our thoughts and feelings are lacking in gratitude then the webs we weave will lack lustre and joy, and less things to feel joyful for, will enter into our reality. Giving thanks and feeling gratitude for the tiniest of things to the biggest of joys, will change your life ….guaranteed but like things good for us, practice makes perfect.

We are the weavers of our own lives , so starting from today, make sure that no matter how difficult a day you may be having, no matter how big your struggles and challenges are, find and look and search out for things to be in gratitude for, note them in some way, and let the universe hear you so that it can offer you more of this magic in return. Happy weaving xxx

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