It sure has been a bumpy landing into 2017 and the last week or so has been indeed high energy, loud contention and what has felt like an ensuing chaos befalling all of us. Much politically has happened in a short period of time here in the US and many are starting to rise out of their comfort zones and slumbers to stand up for all the values they hold dear. We are seeing a collective empowered waking up. Social media these days has become a place to voice our beliefs, dump our frustrations and argue with our neighbor. Without getting political here, many of us on both sides of the aisle, are feeling heavy and weighed down by the discord. At the same time social media and the news is where we hope to get informed about what is really happening around us. Its a place to find our tribe, to connect with those of like minds and find solidarity with those who hold the same values. In this paradox, we can feel conflicted and torn down the  middle. We may have friends with different and opposing beliefs and positions and we are agitated with the disharmony this provides us. We struggle to decipher real news from the fake and we find ourselves spinning in a draining mayhem of emotions.

Many of us are needing balance and clarity. From my teachings of Artemis, we are now called to come back to ourselves and gather all parts of us that may feel fragmented. We are called now to be honest, authentic and true to ourselves, so that we can experience ourselves as individually empowered. We are called to return to our center in stillness and in quiet. In this quiet we can hear the very true voice of our hearts. From this place of stillness and connection, we are asked to accept all discord, differences and beliefs around us. I know, its not easy, but in this acceptance of others, we allow for others to accept us. However we are also asked to be discerning in our choices. Discernment means following your intuitive and innate guidance and making choices based on that. In order to follow our own authentic path, we must be discerning in our choice of words, discerning in what we post and share, discerning in our choice of actions and discerning in our interactions and choice of friends and relationships. We are asked to get very clear about who we are , what we believe and how we want to show up in the world. We are not asked to judge or point fingers or to blame. We are not asked to be in conflict, or to shame, berate or dis-empower another with self righteousness or hypocrisy. Instead we are asked to accept our differences and if possible find common ground. Sometimes that’s not possible and then more than ever , your discernment is called into action. Over the past 6 months I have been getting very clear about where I do and do not belong, which location will become my next home and who I want in my life and who I no longer resonate with. This happens to many after a big growth spurt and I have been growing exponentially as have many others who are on a similar path. Slowly I have been acting on this and adjusting my personal connections accordingly. In being discerning and aligning my life with that which I hold true, my immediate circle became smaller, but I have found that new fresh opportunities for relationships and connections of similar vibration and resonance have flowed in. Likewise as we strip away all that no longer feels like a fit anymore in our careers or environment, this clears the path for a new flow of more aligned opportunities, places and situations to open up. If you have outgrown your present circumstances and you feel stifled and restless, then getting quiet and still will help you discern your next step to break free into a more aligned experience.

Stillness is achieved by any form of meditation, a spiritual practice , yoga, going for a quiet walk in nature, or simply sitting by the fire with your cup of tea 🙂 Stillness offers you the space to get clarity and its in this clarity that you can make these discerning choices for yourself. It allows you to hear your intuition and inner GPS. It brings you autonomy within yourself. Everyone is an individual and should be allowed to hold their own truths and create their own healthy boundaries accordingly. There are many ways to live a life, and all should be allowed to do so. We have much to learn about ourselves from that which holds a difference.  However, if something, or someone or somewhere feels off, feels out of resonance with your own frequency , then it is right to honor that and make discerning choices based on those feelings. We do not have to settle in a town that does not feel like home, a relationship that makes you feel lonely, a job that offers no satisfaction or a friendship that brings our energy down. Again, not to judge or condemn and certainly not from a place of anger, we are encouraged to move our boundary lines between what and who lifts us up and elevates our spirit, and what and who pulls us down and discourages us. This is personal empowerment. We are asked to get authentic and honest with ourselves. It is not a time to feel obligated. It is a time to rise and empower yourself with choices and intentions that reflect who you really are.  When we quieten ourselves from the distractions of the outside world, we give ourselves the steady footing to align with our own truth, to shoot our arrow of focused intention and to hopefully hit our mark.

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  1. shailendra Tiwari
    shailendra Tiwari says:

    surrender to the will of Kali do not resist some thing is going and some thing is appearing be still do not take sides watch the transition be witness to the moment and movement get absorbed in name and formless self.

    shailendra Tiwari


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