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I’ve been wanting to write about the topic of Courage and Faith for a few months now……ever since I began painting Jeanne d’Arc last Fall. I have noticed and had to bear witness to experiences and situations in my own life that have had me on my knees. Challenges from all corners of my life…..being faced with crossroads and choices…..and an unknown and undefined path in front of me…..whichever way I looked. I also was aware that although I felt very much alone in these challenges and fears……many around me were being put through similar lessons and tests. I say lessons and tests because I think most would agree that once you move through these dark tunnels of fears…and reach the other side… can look back with a new wisdom and understand that you have been tested in not only your Strength and Courage…but ultimately in your Faith.

Faith is an interesting word. Many associate it with religion and doctrine…..but in its essence it is that hidden yet potent place inside us, that we find usually in the darkest of times, which infuses us with some magical strength from another place and time. Somehow we are made to look at our fears so closely, in such a vulnerable and terrifying encounter…..and in many cases we are tempted to give up, to succumb to the intensity of the fear, and back away from moving through and past it. I know myself, I have had to look at personal, money and health issues so closely that the seeming reality that is in front of me, is so utterly terrifying, that it almost doesn’t feel worth it to carry on. I have been in those darkest times…..many call them the dark nights of the soul…..for some reason I’ve been generously given quite a few of those nights lately 🙂

I know many of you reading this will relate….in your own way to these dark moments, and yet, we are still here…still moving forward, still carrying on, still trying, still hoping and still endeavoring to make it all work out. So what is it, that enables us to do this?……It is Faith……a small quite whisper inside us……that says…’its all going to be ok …TRUST”. Is it our higher selves whispering this to us in our hearts?…or is it Spirit and our guides, quietly yet firmly pushing us and pulling us through the darkness? Whichever it is, this faith and trust that somehow all will work out, that all will be OK…..that we will make it – is like a small flame inside our hearts, and with focus and connection, the flame of faith and trust can be as large or small as you wish it to be.

However during this process of falling into faith and trust……there is an allowance. An allowance of what is happening around us and to us……and in this allowance comes Surrender. Surrender…….not in giving up….but in letting go ….of control, of trying to stop what is happening, to change the course of the winds. Surrendering is to allow what is ….to just be……and riding the wave of the experience. To surrender you must have faith and trust….to trust and have faith, you must be willing to surrender…..and in going through this process, we then come face to face…..not with our fear anymore……….but with our Courage and Strength.

As I think of Jeanne d’Arc and what dark fear she must have had to face……not just fear but a profound questioning of her purpose, her life and her future….one can only assume that her courage and her strength to face her dark reality…was born out of a faith and trust that was so deeply embedded within herself…..that trust in the process….trust in the outcome, and the ability to surrender to it, knowing in faith that she ultimately would be ok. This kind of courage and faith is mindblowingly inspiring to me.

I find that going within, spending time listening to your own heart, being in nature, where we can connect to the vibration of the positive energies supporting us…..meditating and going for a walk somewhere quiet….all these things can help us connect with our own truth and our own purpose, and in some way, they quieten the fears, hush the worries, and soothe the pains.

It’s my privilege and honor to share with you the channeled prayer found on the back of my Jeanne D’Arc Prayer Candles…..May it fan the flames of faith and trust within you……and whatever challenges and fears you may be facing now, or in the future…..I hope that they will be softened, quietened and made smaller….by the blessing of this prayer xxx

Jeanne’s Prayer

My dearest one, please breathe in deeply and allow yourself to exhale all your worries and stress.
Courage for what lies ahead, for the mountain before us that we must climb… found in our faith.
Faith is that mysterious and in-conquerable belief that you feel in your heart.
Strength is found within this faith and allows for you to embrace and embody courage.
Courage, Faith and Strength allow you to walk your path and know that you are supported on your journey.
Let me hold your hand as you move towards your challenges and fears,
with your head held high, in perfect knowing that all is well.


Jeanne’s Prayer is on the back of her candle.$26  brown palm wax infused with fire agate,amazonite and copper glitter, 100 + hours of burning, blessed and made with love.
Jeanne’s Oil is in a violet 10ml bottle, $23,  Yarrow, Frankincense, Clary Sage and Thyme blended in 10% fractionated coconut oil, to encourage faith, clarity, openness and courage
Jeanne’s pendant and greeting card , special offer for only $14.50

As a special gift to you, with every Jeanne Candle purchased you will receive a  free Jeanne greeting card. And for every purchase of Jeanne candle plus oil, you will receive a free Jeanne  Digital print 6.5” x 12.5”.

wishing you much courage, faith and trust along your journey

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