Well….What a week this has been!!! As we wake up this Sunday morning, we can look back on the past 7 days and say without a doubt that this has been one of the most intense and emotionally draining weeks we can remember. If you live here in the US or in the UK or Europe, switching on the news has resulted in an relentless onslaught of political craziness, deep heartache, uncertainty, disaster and bloodshed. We have been bombarded with the reality of a chaos that feels out of control. Deeply ingrained racial wounds and injustices within a country, mass shootings, terror attacks and governments unraveling and coming apart at the seams – we are being faced with a pain, chaos and mayhem at a level we cannot remember.

Likewise, on a personal level, so many of us are facing our demons, our paths are being challenged, relationships are falling apart or shifting, our actions are being brought into question and light is being shone on all our deepest wounds and dark shadows. At times like this it is important to remember that our outside reality is showing us our inner reality. What we witness in our outer world, is a reflection of what is happening to the collective consciousness within. It is so easy, and quite natural for us to point fingers of blame for the tragedies we witness outside of us all and in this blame, try and analyze and find reasons for its origins so that in our broken hearts we can make sense of the madness and chaos.


The truth however is that as with all that is outside of us, the answers always lies deep within. Many of us are very familiar with the quote by Ghandi “be the change you wish to see in the world”. Many of us understand it from an intellectual position but many of us have not truly understood it from an emotional and spiritual perspective.

Human beings passionately want to fix things on the outside of themselves, whether it be a person who isn’t quite exactly how we want them to be, a relationship that’s not going exactly how we want it to go, or an experience that falls short of how we imagined or expected. However its a futile endeavor to try and fix things from this position, since it is the rule and law of the universe that all things are a reflection of a frequency and a vibration that is being held within.

Given that this is the case (and no amount of stomping your feet in frustration will change this law)…..then it seems wise and less exhausting to attempt to look inside and take responsibility for what you are experiencing and see what is within you that is being reflected at you now amidst the current events.

This is not to say that we, as a single personality, have created this age of terror and fear and deep racial divide by our own personal actions, but it is to say that as a member of the whole collective, we do have a responsibility with everyone else for the world and its happenings around us. The majority of this human race that we are a member of, wish for peace, harmony, inclusiveness and acceptance. There is a minority however that does not focus on this. This minority is a reflection of what it is inside of all all of us, that does not align with peace, harmony, inclusiveness and acceptance. As members of this one collective, we as a whole are responsible for that minority and for bringing that minority back into wholeness.

Guan Yin - Mother of Compassion and Mercy

Guan Yin – Mother of Compassion and Mercy

We do this by simply working on ourselves. By looking within and seeing where in us are we not whole, where in us are we not in harmony and peace. Within us we can find where it is that we have not included others as equal to ourselves. Where within us have we hurt and caused harm, intentionally or unintentionally to another. Where within us have we had discord, jealousy, anger with another and lashed out without compassion and understanding.

Change is an inside job. Peace on the outside has to be cultivated on the inside. It is all of our responsibilities to look within, try a little harder, do a little better and be a little kinder. None of us are perfect and all of us are responsible for the group consciousness we call humanity. What we do, has a ripple effect on the other. What they do has a ripple effect on the next person and the ripples radiate outwards encompassing the whole.

Now more than ever it is a time to go within, clean up your inner life, heal your wounds and treat yourself and others with as much compassion, forgiveness and love as you can muster.

The Sacred Feminine Video

Many of you on Facebook saw my new YouTube video of the completed painting series of The Sacred Feminine. I got a beautiful response and feedback from so many, and so I am sharing it hear again with you for those who haven’t seen it yet. May it bring some peace and beauty to you at this time.


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much love

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      Hi Marilyn, no its not a kwan yin glitter ball its just a snow globe with glitter with a buddha in it 🙂 i was given it so dont know where it is sold sorry xxxxx


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