I painted this image in 2009 and I named it ‘Blue Whispers of Truth’. I was near the end of my first series “ The Goddess Chakra Series and at the time had little knowing of how powerful working with the energy centers in the body could be for myself and others, nor how successful this series of images would become.  I moved on from there to teach about chakra healing and how each chakra center had its own story, its own wisdom and lesson and its own path to healing.  In my classes
I would talk about the 5th chakra, the throat center, as the area where one accesses the truth in ones heart and expresses it.  Truth doesn’t come from the mind, it doesn’t even come from the gut, or even intuition. It actually comes from the heart space and is felt as truth in the form of emotion. Whether it be a good feeling emotion or not so good, that indelible feeling that only the heart can feel, is our GPS guidance system to all that is true to us personally.

The truth of the heart is different to the fear of the mind. Fear of the mind is based on our past experiences and holds no weight in the present unless we decide to give it more power than it deserves. Truth of the heart however is indisputable and clear. When one feels love with another, it is indisputable. When one feels sadness or grief, it isn’t to be questioned. Truth of the heart is what stamps the shape of who we are and what we believe, our joys, desires and our loves, our dislikes, repulsions and our knowings . The truth in our hearts acts as an echo for our own soul’s relentless whispers. Unlike fear of the mind, the truth in our hearts never ever steers us wrong.

We are living in the most interesting of times. When I listened to Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes last weekend, I chuckled to myself. She talked of “speaking your truth” not just for the collective feminine rising that has been happening since Jan 21st 2017,  but for all people to finally understand what speaking your truth is really about.

Now more than ever we are all being called to reflect on ourselves as we witness unsavory aspects of humanity in the wider world. When we are moved emotionally to feel disgust or despair at the behaviors of others and the injustices that pervade our news, we are really being asked to look within to find our own truths. Negative contrast is a wonderful catalyst for bringing up that which is true for us and that is it’s job. Once we feel and experience this truth in our own hearts, it then becomes imperative and vital to express that truth, whether it be verbally or through any outlet of creative expression. Speaking your truth allows the heart to be expressed. When we suppress our truth, our hearts are ignored. There is no bigger crime than to ignore your own soul’s whispers and to fail to give them expression.

So now , 9 years later this painting has come into its own truth.  We are all being asked to hear the blue whispers of our own hearts and whether we express it via a whisper or a shout, a painting or a poem,a song or a chant, a dance or a declaration or even a tender hand written note, truth is the flavor of 2018 for all of us.


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