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Weaving The Web with Gratitude

  WEAVING THE WEB WITH GRATITUDE   There are many a post or meme about the importance of Gratitude. Its a buzz word in the holistic, spiritual and psychological road to contentment, peace and wellness. Most people have felt it, showed and practiced it at some time and some may practice it sporadically here and […]

The New Beginning – In the Time of Kali part 3

    Back in March of this past year , when we were moving into our first lockdown,…I wrote a blog called  “The Time of Kali – How we are transitioning from the ending to a new beginning. “ https://www.jojayson.com/the-time-of-kali-how-we-are-transitioning-from-the-ending-to-a-new-beginning/ This blog was a continuation of the original piece I wrote in 2017, called  “In the […]


A Sunday Thought

A SUNDAY THOUGHT   A Sunday thought… I was thinking today about how so many right now are so stressed with anxiety and fear, surrounded by the toxicity of hate rearing its head amidst our own communities and villages, and in our country at large. Our despair of the uncertainity with the virus coupled with […]



Enoughness … The struggle and the yearning to be enough to those in our lives whether it be our parents, our children, our lovers , our partners and our friends….comes from the deep dark down feeling inside us that we are not enough for ourselves. Truly feeling enough is profoundly personal …… a personal well […]

Self-Care within Self-Love

  This article was kindly published in the Spring/Summer edition of Spirit of Change Magazine –  http://www.spiritofchange.org/Spring-2019/Spring-Summer-2019-Magazine/ Self-Care is an aspect of Self-Love. It’s impossible to give oneself the care one needs if one doesn’t have some aspect of one’s own value.  Self-Care can be just as simple as saying no instead of always saying […]

Speaking Your Truth

  I painted this image in 2009 and I named it ‘Blue Whispers of Truth’. I was near the end of my first series “ The Goddess Chakra Series and at the time had little knowing of how powerful working with the energy centers in the body could be for myself and others, nor how […]

Loving the Beautifully Broken

Stripped down to our nakedness and in the glaring truth of our imperfections we all come face to face with all our cracks, dark holes, and unpolished bits. The chips and dents on our surface hide the deep well of longings churning inside all of us. We are made up of layers of wounds and […]