Hi Everyone … a special message for you today… 🙂

Its Sunday and usually that’s when we take time for ourselves….(hopefully)…and spend some quality moments relaxing, decompressing and re-energizing for the week ahead. For some that means spending time in their “Sacred Space” …


What is “The Sacred Space”?…the definition of the word “sacred” means blessed, holy,…sanctified. When we give something the description of being sacred we intend it to mean that which is “consecrated and dedicated ” to the Divine. Many of you would believe a church, temple, or mosque was a sacred place…dedicated, embellished and intended for the honoring of God. Likewise you would also call sacred, a special ancient holy site with deep history and wisdom embedded in its stones or earth.

Those of you on a healing and spiritual path probably have an altar or special shelf you have created with candles, crystals and beloved objects that have special sentimental and spiritual meaning to you. In your intention to create a special space to honor yourself and your journey….you have created and blessed this space with sacredness.


Some of you who are lucky enough to have your own healing/meditation rooms, create the whole space to be sacred for this purpose, filling the room with spiritually charged and emotive images, statues, feathers and other special findings that illustrate and reflect back to you….all that you are and all that you believe.

To create a Sacred Space however….does not need, nor call upon you to be so creative and industrious with your efforts. Many times we can find ourselves in the woods, in the middle of a meadow….by the ocean, near a small trickling stream, or up a mountain and without any effort on our part we have found our sacred space. Those that are awake, aware, present and mindful of the moment will capture that sacred space easily when in nature. Nature is a pure reflection of the Divine, so when you “get it”, you instantaneously find yourself in sacredness.


But even beyond the churches and temples, the special shelf or altar, beyond the healing meditation room, and even beyond the place in nature, there is a space that holds more sacredness than anywhere else. This space is the most holy of holies…the deepest consecrated and most sacred of all. This space is in your heart.


It is in our higher hearts…our heart space that we can access our own divinity, the divine essence of who we truly are. We can connect to this space through meditating….through looking into the eyes of those that we love, by giving of ourselves without conditions,  through our own innate compassion and forgiveness, and by listening to our hearts whispers.

It is in this space of the heart, we can sit in awareness, bask in our own unconditional love source and re-remember the deep divine depths of our own sacredness.


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