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miriamHere we are , nearly at the end of the “Holy Week”, a few more days left of the Passover and right in the middle of the Easter weekend. It has been on my mind since writing my last blog about ‘Courage and Faith’, that what we also need, in times of struggle and challenge – is Hope.

It is beautifully timed that in this one week, we have two holy festivals that in their essence, embody the idea of Hope. In beautiful alignment, we are also walking through the door of Springtime, a season of new life, renewal, and a blossoming out of a winter of darkness. ‘Easter’ as it is called now, has its origins in Ostara, a saxon pagan festival honoring the Goddess of Springtime, renewal, new life and fertility. Christianity borrowed these names and merged the idea of them with the latin name for Easter – Pascha (meaning pass over). In these mergings and blendings of names, origins and customs, we can look at all these Spring festivals, as a time to look beyond the darkness and have hope for better times and more light.

Christians focus on the ‘Resurrection’ of Jesus’, emerging and rising out of the despair of the crucifixion into a place of redemption and saviour – and for Jews, emerging out of the bondage of slavery, into a land of Promise and Freedom. Just as Spring gives us more light, life, promise and joy… do both these holy days…..for sure, these are days of Hope.

Miriam The Prophetess was a woman of incredible faith, strength and intuition. It was her belief in her prophecy that with her brothers, Moses and Aaron, she could deliver her people out of the land of slavery and into the land of Promise. Her inspired instruction to the women of Israel to take out their ‘timbrels’ in expectation that soon they would be victorious in fleeing the Egyptians who wished to keep them in bondage. …..Her hope that she held and infused in her followers, created a moment of pure Joy, which she sung in her ‘Song of the sea’, and chanted in her prayer of praise and victory.

As we celebrate this time of the rising of the Sun in springtime….the rise of the “Son” of God in Easter and the rise of the freedom of Israel, we can be assured that Hope is always an option, always a choice and always an eternal gift of life.

How do we access this Hope? How do we be in this place of trust and faith? What does it mean to be Hopeful? I welcome you to read Miriam’s Prayer and message below, given to me a the time of her emergence on the canvas. May you find some peace, joy and of course Hope – in this beautiful message

Miriam’s Prayer

Breathe in deeply and allow all worry to flow out of you on the exhale. You spend so much time worrying about what might happen,and feeling trapped by your experiences and situations. The Truth is that you have at your disposal, a choice. You can reach into your hearts and access a connection to your higher self and to Spirit. It is in this heart space that you can experience Hope.

Hope is a choice – you actively and consciously choose to hold on to Hope. This Hope allows us to let go a little of the fear of darkness and to have some trust, faith and expectation that you will reach the light.

My gift is to remind you that Hope resides within you at all times – that it is filled with your desires, wishes and aspirations. Hope is a space full of Light, possibility and overflows with the expectation of Joy.

It is this Joy and Hope that I wish for you to choose now and to know that darkness is but a temporary absence if Light. The Sun will always rise in the morning as it will in your own lives, in Divine timing.

Miriam’s Prayer is on the back of her candle.$26 sunshine colored palm wax infused with Citrine and orange glitter, 100 + hours of burning, blessed and made with love.


Miriam’s Oil is in a violet 10ml bottle, $23, Bitter Orange, Hyssop and Virgina Cedar blended in 10% fractionated coconut oil.

In the face of adversity it is hope that carries the day, wisdom that is as true for us today as it was for those living thousands of years ago. The scent of Cedar, familiar to Miriam the Prophetess, connects us to the Divine in all things and encourages us to take control of our minds, to release fear and embrace hope. Bitter Orange essential oil embodies the light of optimism shining brightly in the midst of challenging and bitter circumstances, while Hyssop purges and purifies, helping us to release lingering darkness and any obstructions to our joy. Together, these essences create a blend that is greater than the sum of its parts, a blend to celebrate deep inner strength, irrepressible optimism and triumphant joy.
(© Lisa Marie Leyman 2014 Aromatherapist )

As we come fully into Springtime and move through the Holy Days,
my wish for you – much faith, joy and hope

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