Don’t know about you guys but I’m feeling the need to be quiet for a bit…..tis very noisy on Facebook these days, so much horrible news and so much to fear. I cant even bear to scroll down my news-feed anymore because it sends me into a spiral downwards of anxiety and foreboding. We truly are living in very scary times…..yet I cant help wonder if we put so much energy and focus on to all that is wrong and we forget to put even MORE energy and focus on all that is right. Trump and his terrifying forming cabinet….Standing Rock and all the atrocities going on there without even one mainstream news channel reporting it, hate crimes in college campuses, antisemitism, racism, far right extremists coming out of the woodwork , earthquakes, tsunamis and children in Syria being murdered every day….its all a bit too much and I for one cannot bear feelings of helplessness that all this brings up.

Quietly I have signed petitions for women’s civil rights, paid donations to planned parenthood and others who need our support, signed up for an activists march and joined groups of like minded people who want to see their children’s freedom and future secured. I recommend this to all who are still reeling in the grief of what is still unfolding. This is mindful action with intention. Doing something towards that which you desire, helps create it. I do believe that we all need to know through the social media what is going on in this country and in this world and we all need to take action to secure all that we uphold dear……and yet relentless posts of all that is falling apart, wounds the spirit and leaves us feeling powerless. As we all rise up to all that is abhorrent to our souls, we need to remember that focusing on the light, brings more light….and too much focusing on the dark, brings all that we don’t want. So I say….lets go within, beyond the chaos and find our own peace….that way we can allow it to ripple out and touch those near us and in these troubling times, be that safe, quiet and loving place for all those we hold dear. ❤️


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