There are many a post or meme about the importance of Gratitude. Its a buzz word in the holistic, spiritual and psychological road to contentment, peace and wellness. Most people have felt it, showed and practiced it at some time and some may practice it sporadically here and there. Few however practice it regularly so that it becomes a daily exercise like cleaning their teeth and washing their face.

If you have never believed in magic, then you need to try a little sprinkle of gratitude. For me, practicing gratitude as much as possible has always proven, without doubt, to bring a little bit of magic to ones life.

The premise is simple. We think and then we feel the emotion/feeling of gratitude and appreciation for something in our life. In turn the universe, made up of only energy and vibration, receives YOUR vibration of gratitude, and returns it in like. As many have heard before, the more you have to be grateful for, the more things to be grateful for, come your way. But thats not it’s only magic. The other magical gift gratitude offers, for free, is to provide a beautiful contentment that settles into the bones and becomes a vibration that you wear for the days ahead. The more you practice, the more the vibration of contentment vibes a little brighter. The more you practice the more the feeling of having and being enough sits




Back in March of this past year , when we were moving into our first lockdown,…I wrote a blog called

“The Time of Kali – How we are transitioning from the ending to a new beginning. “


This blog was a continuation of the original piece I wrote in 2017, called “In the Time of Kali” http://www.jojayson.com/time-kali-riding-winds-change/

where I spoke of …

“times of great upheaval, chaos, discord and big change. Big change rarely comes without disruption to the status quo and a slow death of something that used to exist, to make way for a new beginning…..a new way.” © Jo Jayson 2017

I explained the energy called Kali-Ma…

“the energy of Kali-Ma, a feminine destructive and often terrifying force of creation that destroys all that needs to end, and clears the way for the creation of a new beginning”

And I talked about a new paradigm being birthed ..

“One based and grounded in compassion, cooperation, empathy and justice for all. There is a new voice being heard, a rising of the feminine aspect in all humanity – not just women – and a yearning for those forgotten and struggling to be seen and heard.” © Jo Jayson 2017

Since I wrote those words, we have indeed seen much upheaval and an uprising of humanity against a toxic system embedded in greed, power and deep corruption. We have witnessed clashes of idiology and values, and hatred and fear spew up and

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