THE NEW BEGINNING – AFTER THE STORM – In the Time of Kali Part 3.

Thursday January 21st 2021 – 8-9.30pm EST. Teleclass on phone (no video)

Please read my latest blog about the theme of this teleclass here : –

I have been talking about  “In the Time of Kali” in 2017 and my subsequent blog in March 2020 “Transitioning from the ending to a new beginning with Kali Ma” , the movement towards a new beginning. We are finally here. A new day is dawned and a new way is upon us. I talked much about the ending, in the form of an energetic and in some cases, physical storm that would destroy and end an old paradigm of being and a new paradigm would be birthed. Finally as we enter into the threshold of 2021, we are witnessing the seeds of the new beginning. Join me for part 3 of this conversation In the Time of Kali  and how we have successfully moved through the storm into this time of clean up and renewal. There will be a meditation the last 30 mins of this discussion to firmly open us up and align with this new beautiful beginning.

This is a Teleclass and is taken on the phone in the comfort of your own home

you will be provided with a phone number and code to use to enter the call once you have registered