Monday May 9th 7-8.15pm Est.

Join me this coming Monday for an intuitive discussion after a week of shocking news regarding Women’s abortion rights, the Supreme Court and the state of this country into the second half of this year.
….Back a few years now I talked about how we had been in “The Time of Kali” and that I had been predicting this time since I painted Kali Ma back in 2015. I wrote blogs about it in 2017 and again in 2020 ( I gave an online discussion at the beginning of 2021 about how the seeds of a new beginning were being sown. I said it would take time, but for the US in particular, as leader of the world, there would be a very big, and messy clean up upon us. The rest of the world would follow.
Because of this weeks news, which I saw as a potential last summer, the majority of women in this country are horrified, appalled and frightened. The men that love these women feel the same. I will be giving a talk on this new stage of the “Time of Kali” and where we are in it, how there is a huge shift upon us very soon and how the people truly are meant to realize in this time, that they hold all the power.
We are in shifting times, and the seeds sown for a new beginning are starting to grow , but the clean up is not finished. The war in Ukraine is also part of this. I hope you will join me so that I can share my intuitive insights, and you can share your fears and thoughts with an end to feeling a lot more empowered by the end of the discussion.
Kali Ma © Jo Jayson

Kali Ma – The Dark Mother © Jo Jayson 2015

The Time of Kali Part 4″ on Monday 9th May 7.00-8.15pm. 
A Zoom gathering
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COST: $33