Aries – The Trail blazer

24” x 36” oil and paper on canvas.
© Jo Jayson 2018
For sale – $3333.00

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Aries – March 21/21 – April 19/20 – Ruled by the planet Mars, named after the Roman God of War and with the symbol of the headstrong Ram, Aries is a cardinal sign meaning they are the initiators of the zodiac. The color is red, the element is fire and Aries being the first sign of the zodiac allows for no surprise that those born with their sun in Aries tend to be natural born leaders. Rarely following a crowd but instead excelling in achieving their goals, competitive to the end and comfortable in their confidence and determination.
Independent and assertive they have incredible focus and discipline allowing them to reach great success and high regard in their workplace. Ruled by the element of fire, they have a short fuse, can sometimes become aggressive and moody if they do not learn to harness their impatience properly or they find themselves in a work situation or relationship that is not challenging enough.
Brave but impulsive, strong but often blunt they struggle sometimes to slow down and just be in the now. Inside and within their tough and strong willed exterior they have a sweetness and a softness that is usually only shared with those close to them. Passionate and independent, the Aries ram blazes the way forward at the beginning of the zodiac and on the annual northern spring equinox, symbolizes a new life force each year, filled with optimism, new goals and new paths to success. Their flowers thistles, honeysuckle and red tulips, reflect the new season of spring and the bold prickly yet sweet passionate nature of the Aries……© Jo Jayson 2018