FACE YOUR FEAR – FIND YOUR FREEDOM red-butterfly-isolated-60

1 1/2 hour Teleclass Monday April 13th (no zoom, just on the phone) 8-9.30pm Est.

During this time of the Covid19 Virus crisis, a lot of fear is coming up for people, that may have nothing to do with the worry of the virus but is presenting itself as stuff unresolved within us.  Right now we are all being given time to go within. to be quiet with ourselves, and to clear out a lot of fears and blocks that are holding us back from reaching a higher vibration and higher potential.

All of us have experienced fear in one degree or another. This is not the flight or fright kind of fear but the often crippling and damaging fear that comes from the lies of the mind that can keep us from pursuing our goals, finding joy and contentment and living our full potential.

In this tele class ,listened to on the phone in the comfort and private of your own home, , you will learn: –
* to find the roots of your fear
* where fear sits in our bodies
* to ride the wave of fear without resistance and move into a state of freedom
* A simple practice to diminish the strength of fear
* How our fear can be our most important and profound teacher
* How breaking the hold of fear can be our ultimate empowerment

There will be a meditation for the last 25 mins of the call and all participants will be included in a closed, secret Facebook (if you are on FB) group to discuss, share and bring up any issues that come up. The meditation will be available for download and free to participants

Once you have signed up and registered, you will receive a dial in number and access code to use for each call…

International callers will be given their own special country call in number…..


 Cost for the course is $33