Careful where you focus.

Don’t know about you guys but I’m feeling the need to be quiet for a bit…..tis very noisy on Facebook these days, so much horrible news and so much to fear. I cant even bear to scroll down my news-feed anymore because it sends me into a spiral downwards of anxiety and foreboding. We truly are living in very scary times…..yet I cant help wonder if we put so much energy and focus on to all that is wrong and we forget to put even MORE energy and focus on all that is right. Trump and his terrifying forming cabinet….Standing Rock and all the atrocities going on there without even one mainstream news channel reporting it, hate crimes in college campuses, antisemitism, racism, far right extremists coming out of the woodwork , earthquakes, tsunamis and children in Syria being murdered every day….its all a bit too much and I for one cannot bear feelings of helplessness that all this brings up.

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Lately I’m witnessing more and more women individually and in groups rising up against situations they feel are unjust and fearful. Groups of women are coming together not just on social media but in private and in gatherings to find their own and collective compassionate empowerment in standing up to that which keeps them down.

Making Sense of the Chaos

Well….What a week this has been!!! As we wake up this Sunday morning, we can look back on the past 7 days and say without a doubt that this has been one of the most intense and emotionally draining weeks we can remember. If you live here in the US or in the UK or Europe, switching on the news has resulted in an relentless onslaught of political craziness, deep heartache, uncertainty, disaster and bloodshed. We have been bombarded with the reality of a chaos that feels out of control. Deeply ingrained racial wounds and injustices within a country, mass shootings, terror attacks and governments unraveling and coming apart at the seams – we are being faced with a pain, chaos and mayhem at a level we cannot remember.

Likewise, on a personal level, so many of us are facing our demons, our paths are being challenged, relationships are falling apart or shifting, our actions are being brought into question and light is being shone on all our deepest wounds and dark shadows. At times like this it is important to remember that our outside reality is showing us our inner reality. What we witness in our outer world, is a reflection of what is happening to the collective consciousness within. It is so easy, and quite natural for us to point fingers of blame for the tragedies we witness outside of us all and in this blame, try and analyze and find reasons for its origins so that in

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The Sacred Space

Hi Everyone … a special message for you today… 🙂

Its Sunday and usually that’s when we take time for ourselves….(hopefully)…and spend some quality moments relaxing, decompressing and re-energizing for the week ahead. For some that means spending time in their “Sacred Space” …

What is “The Sacred Space”?…the definition of the word “sacred” means blessed, holy,…sanctified. When we give something the description of being sacred we intend it to mean that which is “consecrated and dedicated ” to the Divine. Many of you would believe a church, temple, or mosque was a sacred place…dedicated, embellished and intended for the honoring of God. Likewise you would also call sacred, a special ancient holy site with deep history and wisdom embedded in its stones or earth.

Those of you on a healing and spiritual path probably have an altar or special shelf you have created with candles, crystals and beloved objects that have special sentimental and spiritual meaning to you. In your intention to create a special space to honor yourself and your journey….you have created and blessed this space with sacredness.

Some of you who are lucky enough to have your own healing/meditation rooms, create the whole space to be sacred for this purpose, filling the room with spiritually charged and emotive images, statues, feathers and other special findings that illustrate and reflect back to you….all that you are and all that you believe.

To create a Sacred Space however….does not need, nor call upon you to

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Floating towards Forgiveness

Hello dear Friend….

We all have, at times in our lives, felt hurt, wounded or victimized by others we are close to. At other times, we have been the one that has done the hurting, either with our words or our actions. Usually when we are hurt by others, it is a time for great growth and spiritual expansion, although it may not feel like that as we go through the wounds and experience ourselves as victims. Likewise when we are the perpetrator of the hurt to another…….we are also asked by our higher selves, to grow beyond and above our actions, so we can make amends and clear the karma.

Many times however we are not graced with an apology from the one who has hurt us……and this leaves us feeling lacking in closure for the experience that has caused us so much pain. The spiritual teachings of our faiths and the popular idea that forgiveness is something we must strive for……..can send us down a path that we feel is endless…..When will we ever get to feel that feeling of forgiveness?…how do I get it?, what meditations do I need to do to access it ? what rituals and practices do I need to dedicate myself to, in order for me to find this elusive forgiveness ? In this striving and struggling to get to this distant place of peace, we find ourselves swimming upstream, further and further away from our desired destination.

Guan Yin,

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