Discernment, Empowered Choice and Focused Intention

It sure has been a bumpy landing into 2017 and the last week or so has been indeed high energy, loud contention and what has felt like an ensuing chaos befalling all of us. Much politically has happened in a short period of time here in the US and many are starting to rise out of their comfort zones and slumbers to stand up for all the values they hold dear. We are seeing a collective empowered waking up. Social media these days has become a place to voice our beliefs, dump our frustrations and argue with our neighbor. Without getting political here, many of us on both sides of the aisle, are feeling heavy and weighed down by the discord. At the same time social media and the news is where we hope to get informed about what is really happening around us. Its a place to find our tribe, to connect with those of like minds and find solidarity with those who hold the same values. In this paradox, we can feel conflicted and torn down the middle. We may have friends with different and opposing beliefs and positions and we are agitated with the disharmony this provides us. We struggle to decipher real news from the fake and we find ourselves spinning in a draining mayhem of emotions.

Many of us are needing balance and clarity. From my teachings of Artemis, we are now called to come back to ourselves and gather all parts of us

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A Time to be Fearless



As you wake up today in a new year, a new beginning and a new perspective, we can all say goodbye to a 2016 of struggles, chaos, conflicts and challenges. All years have these aspects but this past year seems to have been more intense than others. This past year I wrote my book, “Self-Love Through The Sacred Feminine”. It was a 6 year process which culminated and concluded in the energetic “9” year which was 2016. As many know, “9” years are conclusions, endings and wrapping ups. After the long effort of writing and publishing my book, I realized that that was the easy part……

The journey for me back to self-love was difficult and long for sure and writing the book was in no doubt a challenging part of the journey but the hardest part came after the book was written. Now I had to share myself in a way I had not done before, to the outside world and to those who may not be aware of all I do. Some groups of people in my life know me just as an artist, even though for many I am also a spiritual teacher and intuitive channel. Over the years I have managed to keep these parts of myself separate and hidden from those who may not understand or appreciate. It felt comfortable to do this and there is a security and safety in keeping aspects

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Shine Brighter

Attempts at intimidation and bullying can happen in the most unlikely of places. We tend to think of in the schoolyard…but in truth it can happen amongst friends, colleagues and peers. Someone may feel threatened by you, may feel you are going to steal their light, or you may be mirroring to them something that they are not yet able to understand and receive. They just haven’t gotten there yet and it triggers them in the most unflattering of ways. They feel angry and bitter towards you, becoming passive aggressive or blatantly rude and obnoxious. Their goal is to bring you down, shut down your light, silence you and make themselves right. I’m witnessing this a lot lately, in the outside world and in my own personal world. I’ve witnessed it from those that should know better, who are in positions of power and responsibility and fail to walk their talk. Everyone should be allowed to shine in their own light. Nobody has the right to cast a shadow over another to make themselves feel better…….and if they do……your job is to shine that much brighter. 🙂

detail from Yellow Power © Jo Jayson 2008




Careful where you focus.

Don’t know about you guys but I’m feeling the need to be quiet for a bit…..tis very noisy on Facebook these days, so much horrible news and so much to fear. I cant even bear to scroll down my news-feed anymore because it sends me into a spiral downwards of anxiety and foreboding. We truly are living in very scary times…..yet I cant help wonder if we put so much energy and focus on to all that is wrong and we forget to put even MORE energy and focus on all that is right. Trump and his terrifying forming cabinet….Standing Rock and all the atrocities going on there without even one mainstream news channel reporting it, hate crimes in college campuses, antisemitism, racism, far right extremists coming out of the woodwork , earthquakes, tsunamis and children in Syria being murdered every day….its all a bit too much and I for one cannot bear feelings of helplessness that all this brings up.

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Lately I’m witnessing more and more women individually and in groups rising up against situations they feel are unjust and fearful. Groups of women are coming together not just on social media but in private and in gatherings to find their own and collective compassionate empowerment in standing up to that which keeps them down.