A Time to be Fearless

🙂 MY BOOK IS RELEASED 🙂 A TIME TO BE FEARLESS……1/1/17 As you wake up today in a new year, a new beginning and a new perspective, we can all say goodbye to a 2016 of struggles, chaos, conflicts and challenges. All years have these aspects but this past year seems to have been more […]

Shine Brighter

Attempts at intimidation and bullying can happen in the most unlikely of places. We tend to think of in the schoolyard…but in truth it can happen amongst friends, colleagues and peers. Someone may feel threatened by you, may feel you are going to steal their light, or you may be mirroring to them something that […]

Careful where you focus.

Don’t know about you guys but I’m feeling the need to be quiet for a bit…..tis very noisy on Facebook these days, so much horrible news and so much to fear. I cant even bear to scroll down my news-feed anymore because it sends me into a spiral downwards of anxiety and foreboding. We truly […]


Lately I’m witnessing more and more women individually and in groups rising up against situations they feel are unjust and fearful. Groups of women are coming together not just on social media but in private and in gatherings to find their own and collective compassionate empowerment in standing up to that which keeps them down.

Making Sense of the Chaos

Well….What a week this has been!!! As we wake up this Sunday morning, we can look back on the past 7 days and say without a doubt that this has been one of the most intense and emotionally draining weeks we can remember. If you live here in the US or in the UK or […]

The Sacred Space

Hi Everyone … a special message for you today… 🙂 Its Sunday and usually that’s when we take time for ourselves….(hopefully)…and spend some quality moments relaxing, decompressing and re-energizing for the week ahead. For some that means spending time in their “Sacred Space” … What is “The Sacred Space”?…the definition of the word “sacred” means […]

Floating towards Forgiveness

Hello dear Friend…. We all have, at times in our lives, felt hurt, wounded or victimized by others we are close to. At other times, we have been the one that has done the hurting, either with our words or our actions. Usually when we are hurt by others, it is a time for great […]

Are you in search of Hope?

Dear Friend Here we are , nearly at the end of the “Holy Week”, a few more days left of the Passover and right in the middle of the Easter weekend. It has been on my mind since writing my last blog about ‘Courage and Faith’, that what we also need, in times of struggle […]

Finding Courage and Faith

Hello dear Friend…. I’ve been wanting to write about the topic of Courage and Faith for a few months now……ever since I began painting Jeanne d’Arc last Fall. I have noticed and had to bear witness to experiences and situations in my own life that have had me on my knees. Challenges from all corners […]

Imbolc and New beginnings

Hello dear friend…. ‘Winter is on my head, but Eternal Spring is in my heart’ – Victor Hugo Well I hope you are all keeping warm and cosy during these bitter cold winter months and for those of us here in the US, I hope you are managing to withstand this polar vortex that has […]