Enoughness …

The struggle and the yearning to be enough to those in our lives whether it be our parents, our children, our lovers , our partners and our friends….comes from the deep dark down feeling inside us that we are not enough for ourselves. Truly feeling enough is profoundly personal …… a personal well that can only be filled by oneself , yet we can make the mistake of believing something or someone outside of ourselves will fill it for us. Feeling enough is that space where we are at peace with who we have been , who we are now and who we want to be tomorrow. Feeling enough within ourselves allows others to trust in our enoughness . Feeling enough allows others close to us to feel enough too. The ripple effect of enoughness can heal a couple , a family and a lineage . Enoughness is the well that is full of our own acceptance and allowing. Letting others know they are enough just as they are, can be the key to them finding their own enoughness. Feeling enough is the awareness that in any given moment we are connected to the infinite potential of our own soul and yet unconditionally compassionate to the fact that we may not have reached that potential yet. No drug no substance no person no creature can fill that personal well of enoughness other than the self. Enlightenment is merely the awareness of our own light …. We, as spiritual

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Self-Care within Self-Love


This article was kindly published in the Spring/Summer edition of Spirit of Change Magazine –


Self-Care is an aspect of Self-Love. It’s impossible to give oneself the care one needs if one doesn’t have some aspect of one’s own value. Self-Care can be just as simple as saying no instead of always saying yes, speaking ones truth instead of hiding how they feel, or simply deciding to give oneself a hot bubble bath instead of going out to the party you really don’t want to go to.

However Self-Care can only be applied consistently and meaningfully if we are practicing the endeavor of Self-Love. If we don’t have Self-Love driving the Self-Care, then the act of Self-Care becomes a temporary band-aid. Humans do struggle to love themselves; it is a universal affliction. All souls living this human life, struggle with remembering who they really are and where they come from and because of this they spend their lifetimes looking outside of themselves to fill their own well and more times than not they feel the deficit of love within themselves because of this.

In truth we all come from a one consciousness of Unconditional Love – that is what the Divine is. Understanding this concept and giving ourselves this unconditional love, is our greatest challenge and yet is the most important precursor to offering unconditional love to another and receiving it back. We get caught up in the cycle of giving and receiving love with conditions, a