Stripped down to our nakedness and in the glaring truth of our imperfections we all come face to face with all our cracks, dark holes, and unpolished bits. The chips and dents on our surface hide the deep well of longings churning inside all of us. We are made up of layers of wounds and battle scars intermingled with joys and delights. Our hopes and dreams, our sorrows and disappointments weaving the tapestry of our countenance. Our stories are etched into our skin and our souls beam out of our eyes revealing all of our truths. And within this bundle of broken sticks we still long to do better, to rise, to feel our wounds and fears and move right through them, witnessing all of our hurts and yet finding the light that shines within each broken piece.
Compassion for ourselves holds all of our broken pieces together and we carefully try not to come undone. Our loyal heart patiently and relentlessly guides us with feelings and yearnings waiting for us to hear it, to turn away now from the fears and lies of our mind and the stories of our past. In these heart whispers we find the courage to take another chance, face a fear, turn another corner, walk through another door and gently open ourselves up to love within ourselves and others, as we all walk along our path bravely in our beautiful brokenness…© Jo Jayson

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